Founder of Brookside Media, Brooks Rocco knew there was a better way. With a 10-year background in content for tech giants like Facebook and Medium, along with work with high-growth startups, Brooks identified that high-level marketing services were needed in both startups and local small business.

With special care for civic and socially-minded organizations, Brooks wanted to bring his expertise to business owners who don’t have the advantage of an in-house marketing team, and can’t justify the high-price of creative agencies—which have a tendency to speak a foreign marketing language.

Networking throughout his career, Brooks has magnetized a talented collection of professionals with multi-faceted marketing and branding skills.

Not only does he bring his own strategic marketing and branding knowledge base, but together with this wildly creative and successful bunch of individuals, they work to deliver outstanding results.
Thrilled to work with individuals who are passionate about the success of their brand, Brookside Media is eager to take your business to the next level, with modern content marketing solutions and empowering growth strategies.